Xenia Adonts Tattoos

Xenia Adonts Tattoos

Who is Xenia Adonts?

Xenia Adonts is model and actress. She is known for “High Society” movie. There is more than 1,2 million followers on her instagram (@xeniaadonts). Resently she made some tatts on her left hand. Let’s take a look to Xenia Adonts Tattoos.

Xenia Adonts Tattoos

Xenia Adonts Tattoos Meaning

Xenia Adonts finger Tattoos

She get her left fingers ink by Jon Boy with modest sketch out star, moon and sun. ⭐️ 🌙 ☀️

This was her first tattoo as she say on her Instagram account “Anzeige * Wow get my first tattoos. I put stock in the universe and I trust that you pull in what you convey. I trust that vitality doesn’t lie. What’s more, that is the thing that every one of these tattoos intend to me ??? by the most elite @jonboytattoo”

Xenia Adonts Tattoos


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