Women’s tattoos

The female body has always been praised by poets and artists as a standard of grace, the earthly embodiment of perfection. And women themselves have always known how strong the power of their beauty – the eternal desire to make your body more attractive is not accidental.

Tattoos for girls, women – a great opportunity to make the dream come true, effortlessly emphasizing the natural beauty of the curves of the figure. Psychologists note a significant increase in self-esteem in girls who decorated the body salon stylish tattoo. Even the tiny work, the small tattoo lettering for girls is becoming a kind of act of self-assertion.

Tattoos for girls – types of drawings

Unlike men’s, women’s tattoos are more elegant and less voluminous. Images that embody positive features of a female character are widespread. Romantic, dreamy girls prefer tattoos in the form of weightless dragonflies or butterflies, fragile fairies or romantic knit of hearts or delicate patterns.

No less popular are the original tattoos for girls – women, filled with symbolic meaning. Zodiac signs, sacred symbols, stylized images of plants and animals – these tattoos adorn the bodies of women with a rich inner world, fond of esotericism and astrology. The independence of the lynx, the plasticity of a Panther, the wisdom of the serpent, sexuality of Scorpio – female tattoos can very much tell about the character of his mistress. Angels, cats, dragons, stars – no less popular tattoos among girls of the 21st century. Special mention are the female tattoos are talismans. As such a mascot can be a variety of pictures – from the Golden horseshoes to the character. And finally, any time of the year tattoo sketches of flowers are in demand-they are in the catalogs of each tattoo.

Women’s tattoos – where are

Women’s tattoos are often an intimate decoration, often inaccessible to the outside eye. A tiny tattoo on the neck, a refined ornament on the lower back or a refined tattoo decorating the Venus hill, become the most fascinating “highlight”, emphasizing the uniqueness and originality of the female body. However, there are experienced connoisseurs who prefer minimalism real old school tattoo classic looks good on the shoulders, shoulder blades, hips and legs. Modern tattoo for women can cover a large area of the body – his back, buttocks and chest. A striking example is Julia Gnus, the famous “Illustrated Lady” who got into the Guinness book thanks to a tattoo covering 95% of her body. Although Julia – this is a rare case when the tattoo has become a great alternative to ineffective treatment of skin disease.


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