Wolves tattoos

Wolves tattoo

Wolves tattoo

Book of Five Rings reads: “the tattoo reveals the nature of man and symbolizes one of the four noble professions…”. The wisdom of this saying is undeniable – a person chooses a tattoo is not accidental! Wolves tattoo is a symbol of freedom and firmness of spirit, courage and desperate loyalty. The value is similar for many ethnic groups.



The only exception will be the Indians and the Celts. At first the wolf is associated with the dark energy of evil, the second is the lower world, the world of the dead.

small wolf tattoo

But there are well-known,” everyday ” meaning of such a tattoo: family loyalty, harmony of physical and moral power, mind and leadership, purposefulness. And among such works there are often examples of skillful tattoo realism, one of the most difficult and interesting genres.


Celebrities wolves tattoos

Kehlani’s Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Face On Right Forearm

The most brave and decorated vocalist of her opportunity, Kehlani is no under wolfs as she is valiant, gallant and sufficiently certain to deal with any circumstance throughout everyday life. Also, along these wolfes she got her upper right lower arm inked with the substance of a wolf.

Kehlani’s Tattoos

Sophie Turner rose, wolf and lady in short skirt fake tattoos on left arm

Sophie Turner tattoos

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