Viki Odintcova tattoo

Viki Odintcova

Some Russian models are expanding colossal ground by means of online systems administration media. Viki Odintcova is warming up the pages on Instagram. Her delightful face and immaculate figure make her a forcing power in the shape world. With her 37 million supporters on Instagram, Viki Odintcova is transforming into a strong influencer by means of electronic systems administration media. She have some tatts on her body, lets take a look to Viki Odintcova tattoo.

Viki Odintcova

Who is Viki Odintcova?

Viki Odintcova started to appear at 20 years of age. Regardless of her thriving on the web, Odintcova remains humble. She believes she is up ’til now climbing the venturing stool of achievement. She is truly learning English to upgrade her allure.

Odintcova claims that she keeps up her figure through general activities and a strong eating schedule.

Viki Odintcova tattoo

Her kind of individual is some person who is minding, adroit, taught, savvy, and equipped with a conventional clever slant

She is furthermore a thrill seeker. When, she posted on Instagram about her thrill seeker trap of holding tight to a man’s hand on a tall structure.

Viki Odintcova has denied having any plastic surgery done on any bit of her body.

Watch Viki Odintcova set herself up backstage:

Viki Odintcova have 3 lettering tattoos the meaning of which she keeps in secret.

1. Viki Odintcova Tattoo on collarbone

Tattoo on collarbone “Faith is always with me soul me and my family”

2. Tattoo on her left hand “VS”

Viki Odintcova tattoo

3. Viki Odintcova Tattoo on her right arm

The inscription on her right arm says: “Rispetto alla riflessione”

Viki Odintcova tattoo

4. Viki Odintcova Tattoo on her back. Cross tattoo

Viki Odintcova tattoo

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