Types of tattoo needles and their application

There are some information for beginning tattooists about types of tattoo needles and their application.

There are four main types of tattoo needles.

Types of tattoo needles and their application

Some are designed for specific uses, others may vary depending on how the tattoo artist uses them.

The tattoo needles that we conduct in the example are pre-sterilized in separate blister packs and are called Premade.


Some word about the sterilization of needles:

Gas sterilization is the most common method of sterilization for tattoo needles. Inside the transparent blister you will always find an indicator that speaks of the fact of sterilization, on the blister shirt there is a date of the sterility end of the needle, for example: Experts 05-month / 2015-year

*the expiration date of sterility of the needle into the blister does not mean that it got corrupted, sterilization in the autoclave returns to its combat system.


Below we provide a General explanation of needle categories and how you can use different types of needles.

Types of tattoo needles and their application

1. Round Liner, Round Shader

Needles soldered by bundles, standard soldering lead the account from 1 to 18 needles, visually such soldering is a perfect circle.

Round Liner –reduced beams, suitable to create thin, medium or bold lines with some skill, you can paint over them a little.

Round Shader-not strapped beams are used for shadows in color and black and white works.

There is a special group of beams – Tights Round Liners – tightly tied to the point of the needle, used exclusively for lines.

Depending on how bold your plans are, you can choose from 3 to 18 needles for these purposes.

2. Flat, Double Flat, Stacks

Tightly soldered to each other needles in one or two rows, used for painting large areas, used in various techniques, such as for the image of clouds, waves.

Needle range from 4 to 15 needles

3. Magnums

is the more popular variant of the needle for sucrase and shadow are also used for execution of works in different techniques.

Round – Curved Magnum s – Magnum soldered Crescent to avoid cuts left by conventional Magnum, the possibility of greater maneuverability in hard-to-reach places.

Needle range from 5 to 49 needles


The order of basic knowledge:

You should be familiar with the structure of the skin

There are 3 main layers of the skin, but we are only interested in 2-this is the epidermis-the outer layer and the dermis – the object we are looking for, where the pigment made on the tips of the needles will remain.

Types of tattoo needles and their application

The depth of penetration of the needle is 1.5 mm on average-it is possible to understand only on an intuitive level, that is, only in practice.

Types of tattoo needles and their application

If you do not make the tattoo pigment to the desired depth, it will leave a barely noticeable mark on the skin, as well as possible options for blurred colors, the characteristic change in the original colors.

If the pigment remains below the level of the dermis, you are waiting for the sad consequences up to the problematic healing of such a “tattoo”.

Conclusion: do not rush to work in practice, work on the theory and practice under the supervision of a specialist.

We are sure that online tattoo training is impossible and we can share with you only “harmful” tips, remember this!

We are ready to publish some costs and tips not for you to take them on faith and applied in practice on the “live material”, but in order to make you understand that tattoo is a painstaking way to knowledge and to achieve a real result will be possible only if there are 3 components:

1.The ability and desire to draw, constantly, to the point of exhaustion

2.Having a real master who will want to share skills with you and will believe in you.

3.Readiness for real spending on high-quality equipment, do not entertain the hope that buying a Chinese set you will learn to tattoo.

You should start with a real tool, not with its parody. A tattoo machine is not a car to calm sebas the catches: nothing, then buy something worthwhile, that’s just to brush up, in this case this formula is not valid.

Reputation-spoils in one day and is restored for years or not restored at all, remember this!

Types of tattoo needles and their application

The question posed to the tattoo artist:

What needles do you use for the contour?


I suggest, scoring from 3 needles, make sure that it is the contour of the needle =) I completely disagree with the myth that the small size of the needles 1 to 3 are better suited for fine details in the tattoo, just beginners usually dezinformiruet about the extreme importance of fine needles.

I use needles not less than 5 rounds, I think 7-Ki are optimal, I like these clear bold lines, if you need to increase the line boldly increase it by the same group.

Progress in my skill was evident when I switched to 5-7 round.

The fact is that these groups retain more pigment.

In order to make a good line, I’m not in a hurry, holding the car vertically slowly and confidently pass through the right place for me.

When I started, there were no such things as artificial skin, and my friend and I trained on pig, until I put my hand and learned to make smooth lines I even thought did not arise to try their “talents” on the skin of a living person.

Lines or contours – this is the most important thing in a tattoo, this is a kind of plan, without which none of the tattoos begins.

Without circuits you can’t do the fill-prokras, don’t get down to the shadows.

Types of tattoo needles and their application

Make sure that your contour machine is a really good machine, make sure that it is built up, not “stuck”, etc.

Then safely charge 7 or more, however, if in your work there’s many small parts.

Then slowly start to lay the line, do not rush, still you do not keep up with the speed of the machine, start to hurry – get a dotted line instead of the circuit.

Remember the safety of your client-this is a priority, no matter how it was not uncomfortable – it is his problem, the main thing that you feel comfortable, you can find a compromise, but not at the expense of their work, your comfort in this case is more important.

Your action in the formula you want to be beautiful – be able to endure and it is so, you are the master of the situation.

Watch out for paint, don’t let it end.

If you draw an empty line, you will get a potential scar and you will have to go through this place again.

Finally, experience, if you are a beginner do not try to immediately practice your skills on the person until you feel the machine and handle it like with a normal pencil there are tangerines, bananas, artificial skin, etc., they will help you in the learning process.

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