Snakes tattoo

Snakes tattoo

Snakes tattoo is a highly complex and versatile symbol. A sign of wisdom.

The snake possesses grace, a stark and ominous beauty and bears healing forces.

The snake is a symbol of the male fertilizing beginning and at the same time female, associated with fertility, land and water. A snake sheds its skin as a symbol of immortality, rejuvenation. The snake curled into a circle, means the path to perfection. A snake biting its tail is a symbol of eternity and divine self-sufficiency. Yoga is a symbol of inner energy and spiritual power.

Snake tattoo gives grace to the body, can wrap and emphasize the relief of muscles. Rising vertically and Cobra hood to dissolve the protective emblem of Royal power, fighting the enemies.

This type of tattoos is universal. It is suitable for both men and women



Celebrities tattoos

Audrina Patridge’s Back of  Neck

Audrina gave us a field of vision of the praised tattoo on her neck. At the most punctual eye at Audrina’s tattoo, it rises to be a snake packaged up in the region of an apple. A touching look brings out straightforwardly that the apple is accepted a crossbreed of the foods grown from the ground heart with four nooks. Such sui generis doodle has stored mindfulness from her fans all through the earthly.

Audrina Patridge’s Tattoo

Johnny Depp’s snake Tattoo


Again on his arms, Depp parades his snake/lightning tattoo, which symbolizes the primordial vitality in Native American Culture.

Johnny Depp

Alyssa Milano’s snake tattoo

On the correct wrist Milano has a snake tattoo that chomps its own particular tail. The star is please with the tattoo. Having assume the part of the witch in the TV arrangement «Charmed» on-screen character wound up intrigued by enchantment. Alyssa make a trip to South Africa, where she fill in as a volunteer and help the wipe out kids in the doctor’s facility. For this she get the honor «Saving the world one heart». There she effectively dug into the quintessence of different inborn customs and make her the tattoo. Snake in a path thought to be an image of the coherence of life on earth, conveying restoration or resurrection.

Alyssa Milano's tattoos

Laurence Bedard skull and Snake Tattoo

She have skull and snake tattoo on her belly

Laurence Bedard Tattoos

Ariel Winter Snake Tattoo on Wrist

In June 2017, she get a snake tattoo ink on her left-hand wrist. This tattoo is again ink by “Specialist Woo.”

Ariel Winter Tattoos

Bebe Rexha henna snake Tattoo

There is an henna snake tattoo on her right arm

Bebe Rexha Tattoos

Sonia Ben Ammar Elephant in snake Tattoo

She have an elephant in a snake tattoo on the left shoulder.

Sonia Ben Ammar Tattoos

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