Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos

Who is Rihanna?

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Born in Saint Michael, Barbados and raised in Bridgetown, during 2003, she recorded demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers and signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for its then-president, hip hop producer and rapper Jay-Z. In 2005, Rihanna rose to fame with the release of her debut studio album Music of the Sun and its follow-up A Girl like Me (2006), which charted on the top 10 of the US Billboard 200 and respectively produced the successful singles “Pon de Replay”, “SOS” and “Unfaithful”. Her last work as an actress is in Ocean’s 8 (2018). We know, that Rihanna have some tattoos, so let’s check out Rihanna Tattoos!!!

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Rihanna Tattoos Meanings

1. Rihanna Falcon Tattoo

This Rihanna tattoo is her first tattoo and it denotes her crisp singing vocation. She has as of late got it secured with a bird of prey tattoo.

rihanna Falcon Tattoo, rihanna backwards tattoo

2. Rihanna Pisces tattoo

She has a pieces sign behind her correct ear. It was finished by a bustling Brazilian tattoo craftsman who was fortunately in Tokyo in the meantime as Rihanna.

rihanna belly tattoo

3. Rihanna Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression, and Control sanskrit tattoo.

She has a Sanskrit petition moving down her hip which says “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression, and Control..”

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4. Rihanna Star tattoo

She has a star inside her left ear. She got it in NYC.

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5. Rihanna Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh tattoo

She has an Arabic expression down her ribs which says, ‘Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh’. This means ‘Flexibility in God’.

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6. Rihanna Stars tattoo on Her Back

Her prominent star tattoo on her back was begun in LA when it was simply on her neck. She had included more which went down her back, later on in New York.

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7. Rihanna Skull and crossbone tattoo

Amid her stay in Miami, she got a skull and crossbones, finished with an adorable pink hair bow, to her left side lower leg.

Rihanna Skull and crossbone tattoo

8.  Rihanna Love tattoo

She has “Love” inked on her center finger. Presently, what’s up with that one?

rihanna arm tattoo

9. Rihanna Shhh.. tattoo

A standout amongst the most moving tattoos of Rihanna, her “Shh” tattoo on her forefinger propelled Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen. What’s more, obviously, her fans!

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10. Rihanna 4.11.1986 tattoo

Rihanna has the birth date of her closest companion, Melissa, inked to her left side shoulder. Melissa completed an extremely same tattoo soon after her. BFFs?

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11. Rihanna Tribal Tattoo

Rihanna has an innate propelled tattoo staring her in the face which she refreshed while she was in New Zealand.

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12. Rihanna Handgun tattoo

Amid her LA escape, Rihanna had flown her tattooist, Bang, from NYC to her home in the Hills. She had chosen to give a tattoo as a birthday present to her companion and in the meantime, she has chosen to get one for herself!

rhiannas gun tattoo, rihanna gun tatoo, rihanna gun

13. Rihanna Never a failure, always a lesson tattoo

“Never a failure, always a lesson”, is a motivational tattoo that is composed in reverse close to her correct shoulder. That way she can read it in the mirror.

rihanna collarbone tattoo

14. Rihanna Rebelle Fleur tattoo

After Rihanna’s well known “Rebelle Fleur” tattoo, Internet know-it-alls asserted that it was “drivel” since she got the French expressing incorrectly. All things considered, she was irritated without a doubt.

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15. Rihanna Cross tattoo

She got a cross sign ideal on her neckline bone.

rihanna cross tattoo

16. Rihanna Lover tattoo

She has “Lover” written in the Tibetan dialect on her butt.

rihanna hips, rhiannas hip tattoo

17. Rihanna Falcon tattoo

She got a Falcon and secured the melodic notes to her left side foot. She stated, “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep”

rihanna falcon tattoo

18. Rihanna isis tattoo

Rihanna paid tribute to her late grandma with a tattoo of an Egyptian goddess, Isis. Isis is said to be ‘the perfect mother and spouse’ and a companion to slaves, heathens and the discouraged.

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19. Rihanna Egyptian Queen tattoo

Rihanna has a tattoo of Nefertiti on her. Nefertiti was the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten. Nefertiti had numerous titles including Hereditary Princess, Great of Praises, Lady of Grace, Sweet of Love.

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20. Rihanna 1988 tattoo

She has “1988” inked on her lower leg. It is the time of her introduction to the world.

rihanna 1988 tattoo

21. Rihanna Thug Life tattoo

She has a tattoo called “Thug Life” on her knuckles. The tattoo is a tribute to unbelievable rapper Tupac Shakur. The tattoo was finished by craftsman Mark Mahoney with semi-changeless white ink.

rihanna arm tattoos, rihanna thug life

22. Rihanna Chevron Lines tattoo

Rihanna has a tattoo of chevron lines on the back of her hand. She extended her tattoo and included these chevrons and lines everywhere on her fingers, hand, and wrist.

Rihanna's Tattoos

23. Rihanna Wrist of Cross tattoo

In January 2014, craftsman Bang gave Rihanna this tattoo of a cross within her correct wrist.

Rihanna's Tattoos

24. Rihanna Shark tattoo

This is the most recent tattoo of Rihanna and that is a disguise print shark to her left side lower leg.

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