Pink Tattoos

Pink Tattoos

Who is Pink?

Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) – is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Pink tattoos are scattered over her body, and they are plentiful, intriguing and one of a kind to know. Each tattoo has its own noteworthiness to Pink. Have a very close look at her body inks and take in the significance behind them.

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Pink Tattoos Meanings

1. Pink Memory of Her Dog tattoo

The tattoo to Pink’s left side lower arm peruses “Sir Corky Moore 89-03”. It’s out of appreciation for her puppy who passed away in 2003. She says, “He was my youth pooch, West Highland Terrier”.

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2. Pink Half Best Friend Tattoo

She likewise had a half broken heart which peruses “BE FRI” (the half of Best Friends). She got it inked with her companion, Laura.

Pink Tattoos

3. Pink Bulldog Tattoo

To Pink’s left side lower arm is a tattoo of a bulldog, and a Bible refrain in tattoo frame. “This was Elvis, a bulldog”, Pink revealed to The Independent daily paper. “By him, is a Bible stanza: ‘An opportunity to sob, an opportunity to chuckle, an opportunity to grieve, an opportunity to move, rest in peace my dear, I discharge you’ – he suffocated in my pool. I wasn’t there. He was being looked after children”.

pink dog tattoo
Pink Tattoos

4. Pink “Insecurite” Tattoo

Pink has an extremely sharp edge to her left side wrist. Underneath is “Insecurite” (Insecurity). Pink says, “That way to me that frailty will murder you”.

Pink Tattoos

5. Pink “Tru Luv Carey” Tattoo

Pink’s “Tru Luv Carey” tattoo is on her right wrist. Carey and Pink got the “Tru Luv” tattoos on their second date. She stated, “Well, I figure in case I’m going to have his child, I ought to get his name. Since he has my name three spots”.

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6. Pink What Goes Around Comes Around tattoo

This well known statement is ink on Pink’s right wrist when she was 17.

pinks wrist tattoo

7. Pink Twirls tattoo Behind Ear

She has an example out of wavy lines behind her left ear.

Pink Tattoos

8. Pink Barcode Tattoo

On the back of Pink’s neck is a standardized identification tattoo. She says, “that was my Missundaztood present”.

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9. Pink Angel tattoo

Pink has a tattoo of a star and a heavenly attendant on the back of her left shoulder which she got when she was 15. She says that the star speaks to her which is care for by the watchman heavenly attendant.

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10. Pink “HELP” Tattoo

Pink has a “Help” catch inked on her right arm. She says she get it with her companion, Butch, “We completed right off the bat in the studio that night. We had been drinking. Clearly”.

Pink Tattoos

11. Pink Stripper Tattoo

On both her hamstrings, Pink has a red lace. “Why? In my mind, I’m an extremely skilled stripper”, she said.

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12. Pink Dragon Tattoo

Pink has a winged serpent to her left side calf; this ink took seven hours when she completed it in Australia. She says, “I think mythical serpents are good fortunes. What’s more, it looks hot”.

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13. Pink Mr. Pink tattoo

She have an ink which says “Mr Pink” on her internal thigh.

Pink Tattoos

14. Pink Heart Tattoo

Japanese kanji image for “affection” with a red heart before it is ink on the lower some portion of the pop star’s left hip.

Pink Tattoos

15. Pink Kanji Tattoos

Pink has numerous tattoos on her feet. Some are Japanese kanji, including her first tattoo that peruses “Good fortunes and satisfaction”. She was 12 when she completed it. The others read “Quality”, “The Will to Live”, and “Mother”. Pink’s mother has a coordinating one as well.

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16. Pink Frog Tattoo

She additionally has a frog tattoo to her left side foot.

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17. Pink Father And Brother Dog Tags tattoo

On her right lower leg, she has pooch labels for her father and sibling.

Pink Tattoos

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