Numbers tattoo

numbers tattoo

If you believe numerology, each of the figures carries a separate value and the encrypted secret meaning. No wonder they distinguish unhappy and happy combinations of numbers. And that, if having made a tattoo of a certain figure, it is possible to change the destiny.

People involved in numerology (science of numbers and numbers) claim that the date of birth, weddings, house and apartment number, seat number in the plane and train have a great influence on us. What can we say about a happy ticket from the bus…

numbers tattoo

So, it is believe that each digit or combination of numbers can bring about certain changes in a person’s life. It is important to know what the figure is responsible for what. And, making a tattoo figure, you can change your life for the better.

Number tattoos meanings

Nomber one ” 1 ” – a symbol of leadership, championship. Figure one will bring success in business, business, provide luck if a person wants to play the lottery. One is the number of courage, strength, and power.

A tattoo with the number two ” 2 ” will reveal two opposite qualities in a person: mercy and anger, generosity and avarice, tenderness and rigidity, etc.but the double is also a symbol of femininity, softness and sensitivity.

The number three “3” – a symbol of growth, development, life integrity. It will bring stability and confidence, reveal creative talents and imagination.

Four “4” symbolizes the unity of the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. The owner of the tattoo with four is famous as a reliable person. This is the figure of diligence and organization.

Five ” 5 ” will give confidence and stability. The owners of tattoo with the five most likely travel fans get the maximum pleasure from life.

Harmony with the world of nature means a tattoo with the number six “6”. It is also a symbol of a strong family, diplomatic relations in society.

Seven ” 7 ” is a mystery. Seven develops intuition, hidden supernatural abilities and has the ability to bring good luck. No wonder seven is consider a lucky number.

numbers tattoo

Eight “8”will help to attract prosperity and establish a stable financial position. It will also bring good luck and prosperity.

Universal nine “9” will help to build business in all aspects: in love, in career, in school, in family etc. Tattoo with the image of nine – the symbol of longevity.

Zero “0” on one side, a sign of nothingness, lack of something, and with another – the beginning, the unknown.

Number tattoos symbolize:

In addition to a number of these numbers, there are widely known numbers that are often use in tattoos. They can bring good luck, and for someone to become a symbol of bad luck, and this fact is inexplicable. This is especially true of the number 13, which is a symbol of betrayal and deception, but some 13 brings good luck.

The lucky number is seven, and triple luck will give three sevens. The number of perfection is 999. Scary is the number 666, but apparently, many fans of tattoos, it’s not frightening.

However, no matter what date or number is applied to the body, the true value in such a picture is invested by the person himself.

Celebrities numerall tattoos:

David Beckham numbers tattoo

David Beckham – ’99’ is pretty significant; it’s the year that David and Victoria tied the knot and took to their wedding thrones. In tribute to his wife and their marriage, David has got the digits inked on his finger, with the caption: “99 was a good year for me…” Lovely

numbers tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham – In honor of his father, Brooklyn got a tiny 7 tattooed on his pinky – David Beckham’s jersey number.

numbers tattoo

 Demi Lovato’s Tattoos

A Roman Numeral “III” on her left wrist

Demi got a Roman number III to her left side wrist out of appreciation for his dad. Her dad kicked the bucket in June 2013 after a long fight with disease. She picked this number as this was her dad’s most loved number. Her dad was an aficionado of NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt, who drove auto number 3. Despite the fact that Demi was not near her dad, she needed to respect him after his passing.

Demi Lovato’s Tattoos

Roman numerals on her side

Demi Lovato got 5 dates inked on her side in Roman Numerals from the tattoo craftsman, Bang. These dates connote the birthday celebrations of her relatives. The dates inked were VIII MCMLXII– 8/8/1962 (Mother’s Birthday), II IV MCMLXXXVIII– 2/4/1988 (Older Sister’s Birthday), XII XXVIII MMI – 12/27/2001 (Younger Half Sister’s Birthday), II XIV MCMLXIII – 2/14/1963 (Step Father’s Birthday), X XXIII MCMLX – 10/23/1960 (Biological Father’s Birthday).

Demi Lovato’s Tattoos

Katie Waissel numbers Tattoos

Number, peace sign on her wrist

Katie Waissel has a peace sign alongside number 24 inked within her left wrist. Despite the fact that the peace tattoo is clear as crystal, no one comprehends what the number stands for.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

Evan Rachel Wood’s Numbers Tattoo

Number “15” Behind her Ear

Wood has still imbued recollections of her ex Marilyn Manson, as says her tattoo behind the ear. It is number 15 inked practically equivalent to with the person. We are worried why they picked this specific number as it were.

Evan Rachel Wood's Tattoos

Alexis Ren’s Numbers Tattoo

Roman numerals tattoo

To start with up, she got her mom’s mark (Cynthia Berkich Glabach) on her wrist. Also, Alexis got the a date in roman numerals,  date of her mother’s birthday V.III.LXII (5.3.62) on the rigtht elbow and her mother death on her left elbow I.VIII.XIV (1.8.14).

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Shawn Mendes’s Numbers tattoo

The tiny “8” tattoo

It’s difficult to spot, yet there’s a little number 8 plan within Shawn’s center finger.

Shawn Mendes Tattoos

Erin Wasson’s numbers Tattoo

String of numbers

Erin Wasson has a string of numbers inked on the front of her left leg

Erin Wasson Tattoos

Miley Cyrus’s Numbers Tattoos

Roman numeral

Roman numeral ‘VIIXCI’ are inked inside Miley’s left elbow. The tattoo is somewhat of a riddle that should be revealed since Miley has not talked about the tattoo.

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Victoria Beckham’s Numbers Tattoos

Roman numeral Tattoo

On Victoria’s right articulatio plana, she has a Roman numeral tattoo that reads “VIII-V-MMVI,” thereby which means “May eight, 2006“. Victoria Beckham’s articulatio planatattoo adorned with these roman numerals symbolize the date of Victoria and David’s resurgence of their wedding word of honor. This tattoo is comparable to David’s right articulatio plana ink. David and Victoria restored their wedding engaged during a quite cloak-and-dagger secret ceremony wherever solely some friends and family were gift at palace late in 2006.

Victoria Beckham’s articulatio plana tattoo was inked in 2006, and since then, it appears to own are available the vogue, let’s say, alternativecelebrities were fascinated by the planning therefore enough that they set to follow the trend. 2 years later, Rihanna too got an analogous ink of a Roman numeral tattoo seton her shoulder as a feeling to the most effective friend, genus Melissa Forde.

Victoria Beckham’s Tattoos

Angelina Jolie’s Number Tattoo

Roman number 13

This tattoo to her left side underarm is the Roman number 13. She had it done on the grounds that she doesn’t trust in superstitions.

Later she had V MCMXL added to the tattoo. 13 May 1940 is the date when Winston Churchill gave a famous speech, in which he said: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos

Halsey’s Numbers tattoos


Halsey got her fortunate number “17” inked on her knuckles in March 2013. It’s on her correct hand record and center fingers.

Halsey tattoos


Halsey got this number 511 tattoo on the back of her arm in August 2013. It is for her sibling Sevian Frangipane’s birthday which is on May eleventh (5/11).

Halsey tattoos

David Beckham’s Number Tattoos

Roman numeral VII

The number 7 holds extraordinary importance in David’s life as it speaks to his shirt number from Manchester United and England so David get a huge Roman numeral seven ink within his right arm.

David Beckham's Tattoos

30. Roman numeral

The Roman numeral VIII.V.MMVI is ink on the football star’s correct wrist which speaks to May 8, 2006. This was the date when Victoria and David partook in a mystery duty service.

31. ‘723’

David Beckham inked ‘723’ on to one side hand to speak to the shirt numbers he wore amid his chance in football.

David Beckham's Tattoos

Cara Delevingne’s Number Tattoo

Number 12

She has a number 12 in Roman numerals on her rib. She says that it is her fortunate number

Cara Delevingne’s Tattoos

Diana Melison’s Number XIII tattoo

Roman numeral XIII tattoo on the ring finger of the left hand

Diana Melison's tattoos

Aaron Carter Star with number “7” tattoo

Aaron Carter Tattoos

Beyonce Roman Numeral IV

There exists a roman numeral on the knuckle of her left hand’s ring finger. Both she and her lover Jay-Z got hitched on fourth April (04) so them two got the numeral IV inked on their fingers as they discover number 4 fortunate for the couple. Be that as it may, as the tattoo began blurring so she got it recarved with an alternate ink and the change came as an amalgamation of J and number 4. This is the most uncommon tattoo on her body as there are incalculable emotions related with it.

Truth be told, she portrayed her tattoo as, “I feel like [the ring] is for me when I’m not working. What’s more, when I’m working, it’s excessively individual, despite the fact that it’s blurring I have a little tattoo that is here dependably on the grounds that I know I would work and I wouldn’t have the capacity to wear everything the time. So I have this.”

Beyonce tattoos

Cindy Kimberly roman numeral tattoo on her forearm

Cindy Kimberly has a tattoo on her correct lower arm of the Roman Numeral “MCMLXIV” which is the number 1964. We presume this is the birth year of one of her folks, however Cindy has not affirmed this. She got the tattoo from craftsman Victor Candiotti in January 2017.

Cindy Kimberly Tattoos

Justin Bieber Roman Numeral Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s adoration for his mother is huge. This tattoo, ink in Roman numerals, which he get in 2013, reach out to his beautiful mother, Patricia Mallette. This tattoo is simply underneath his correct collarbone on the front piece of his shoulder, and the ink speaks to his mom’s introduction to the world year, which is 1975. His tattoos are quite huge.

Justin Bieber Tattoos

Selena Gomez “LXXVI” numeral tattoo

Selena Gomez’s second tattoo was a Roman Numeral on the back of her neck, which is accept to be a tribute to her mom. Tattoo craftsman Bang clarified “The tattoo was a tribute to a relative who she said implies a great deal to her.” The tattoo peruses “LXXVI” which is the number 76. Selena’s mom Amanda “Mandy” Teefey was conceived in 1976.

Selena Gomez tattoos

Selena Gomez number “4” tattoo

Selena Gomez praised her closest companion Courtney Barry’s 26th birthday celebration by getting two diverse coordinating tattoos with her. The two young ladies were a piece of a gathering of four companions that got coordinating “4” tattoos, and both of them got coordinating rib tattoos too.

Selena Gomez tattoos

Selena Gomez number “1” tattoo

They both got the number “1” on their sides to symbolizes that they are each other’s main closest companion and the one individual that they can simply swing to.

Selena Gomez and three of her dearest companions have coordinating tattoos of a number “4” to speak to the solidarity among them. Her tattoo is simply underneath the elbow on her correct arm, yet every one of the buddies put their tattoo in a better place.

Selena Gomez tattoos

Ruby Rose 834 tattoo

She has tattoos to her left side elbow of a ladybug and the number “834

Ruby Rose tattoos

Adele Dates tattoo

Inside the coin, the Latter-day she include a date as well. The numbers are difficult to peruse, yet apparently its “1921” most likely for her initial two collections 19 and 21, which are both name after her age at the time.

adele hand tattoo, adele tattoo hand

Sophie Turner 07.08.09 tattoo

Sophie Turner got coordinating “07.08.09” tattoos with her on-screen sister and off-screen closest companion Maisie Williams. Speaking to the date that they discovere they are throw on Game of Thrones. Maisie’s is in red ink to her left side arm. While Sophie’s is on her correct arm in a tissue hued ink which makes it to a great degree unobtrusive. “I got it in peach on the grounds that my mother resembled ‘ensure it doesn’t show up’. But now I’m demonstrating the world,”. She told E! Live from the Red Carpet at the 2016 Emmy Awards, where she initially uncovered the tattoo. The tattoo was just a couple of days old at the time so it will turn out to be even less detectable as it ages.

Sophie Turner tattoos

Dave Bautista Stomach Tattoo

On his stomach you will discover two ravens and the number 202

Dave Bautista Tattoos

Zac Efron Dragon and number 818 tattoos

In the picture Zac shows tattoo of numbers 818 on his inner arm and a huge fiery dragon tattoo on his side. This inks for  his new movie We Are Your Friends.

zac efron black hawk down, red skull guy

Mena Suvari Cleavage Tattoo

Mena Suvari has got something like a squiggle-squirm on her provocative cleavages. It would seem that a “13”, for “fortunate 13”, presumably. They say that number ’13’ is unfortunate, a terrible sign! Be that as it may, it might have shifted essentialness to various people. Mena’s significant other as well, Simone Sestito has a copy “13”, pulling in the level of similarity they share.

mena suvari tattoo chest

Ariel Winter Numbers Tattoo

Within left elbow of Ariel Winter, Roman numbers “X.III.MMXII” are ink which peruses as “10.03.2012”. On this date, Ariel Winter moved in with her more seasoned sister, Shanelle Workman-Gray.

Ariel Winter Tattoos

Chantel Jeffries Numeral 369 tattoo on Elbow

Her love of researcher Nikola Tesla influence her to get ink number 369 on the back of her left elbow. For probably the first time he state, “On the off chance that you knew the eminence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” She even name her garments image as 369 studios.

Chantel Jeffries Tattoos

Shay Mitchell Roman Numeral Tattoo

The tattoo phobic performer make a strong stride and get the side of her right wrist ink with the Roman numeral “I IV III”. It made by the celebs most loved tattoo craftsman Jon Boy. The centrality of her tattoo is as yet a mystery however hypotheses are there that I IV III means “I Love You.”

Shay Mitchell Tattoos

Sonia Ben Ammar Numbers Tattoo

She have an Number “8617” tattoo on the inside of her right shoulder.

Sonia Ben Ammar Tattoos

Greeicy Rendon numbers tattoo

There is “1992” number tattoo on her right arm

Greeicy Rendon number tattoo

Tammy Hembrow Numeral Tattoo

Tammy Hembrow has a roman numeral tattoo on her right side – II V MMXV – which represents the date February 5 2015 which seems to be her anniversary with fiance Reece Hawkins.

Tammy Hembrow Tattoos

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