Kehlani’s Tattoos

Who is Kehlani?

The 22-year matured vocalist, musician, and artist Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a blend of dark, white, Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Filipino. She got selected for different honors including Grammy’s. As specialists are for the most part spotted wearing tattoos so does she. To her, cherishing tattoos resembles adoring craftsmanship and furthermore the articulations they hold. Look at her tattoos to know the sort of identity that she conveys and even the significance of each Kehlani’s Tattoos.

kehlani full body

Kehlani’s Tattoos

1. Kehlani Dots Tattoo Under Eyes

The artist spotted with 4 dabbed tattoos, 2 underneath both the eyes. These specks may look like imprints, yet as a general rule, they are the tattoos. As she is a tattoo sweetheart, she cherishes to explore different avenues regarding her looks. Furthermore, this is the reason that she got inked 2 more tattoos all over.

kehlani face tattoo

2. Kehlani Paper Airplane Tattoo On Face

The singing star get a paper plane engrave onto the side of her left eye which as indicate by her way to remain above.

Kehlani’s Tattoos

3. Kehlani Spanish Quote tattoo On Side Temple

The stage entertainer has a statement recorded on the correct side of her sanctuary which states “Espíritu Libre.” Don’t get confounded; she isn’t a Libra. The Spanish statement means “Free Spirit.”

Kehlani’s Tattoos

4. Kehlani Queen and Heart From Deck Of Cards tattoo

The pop star has inked an innd triguing tattoo on the left half of her face before her ear. It portrays Queen Of Heart from the deck of cards. Indeed, she’s the ruler of numerous hearts!

Kehlani’s Tattoos

5. Kehlani Sea Wave Tattoo

The vocalist got inked a sea wave tattoo on the left of her neck. Sea wave speaks to your longing to carry on with an existence of flexibility.

kehlani tsunami wave

6. Kehlani Spanish Note tattoo On Neck

The tattoo darling has the correct side of her neck inked with a Spanish note saying “Perdida y Encontrada” which means “Lost and Found.” To her tattoo, she stated, “I believe it’s an update in the event that I do get lost once more, I can simply get myself.”

Kehlani’s Tattoos

7. Kehlani Calf tattoo

Kehlani has not left wherever on her body where she has not tatted herself. Furthermore, here’s another. She got her left calf inked with a tatt saying “TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER.”

Kehlani’s Tattoos

8. Kehlani Reggie Rocket Character tattoo

The tattoo darling get her right calf ink with a toon character of a female skateboarder Reggie Rocket. It is an anecdotal energize character from the show, Rocket Power. It is one of her most loved tattoos since she was a boyish girl in her youth days simply like Riggie.

Kehlani’s Tattoos

9. Kehlani Dancing Figures tattoos On Her Inner Thighs

The rational individual has another bit of workmanship on her inward thighs. This tattoo speaks to a moving couple, from the motion picture Pulp Fiction. The young lady in the white shirt to her left side thigh and the person in a suit on her correct thigh. Makes it all the more fascinating that she can influence these characters to move by moving her legs!

tatman tattoos

10. Kehlani Skateboard tattoo On Thigh

The Oakland artist inked a skateboard on the front side of her correct thigh. The skateboard includes a palm tree, sea waves, and an Oarsman inside it.

kehlani stomach tattoo

11. Kehlani Spider, Rose, And A Dagger tattoo On Thigh

Kehlani has this amazing work of art inked on the front of her leg. The tattoo speaks to a creepy crawly and a rose infiltrated by a blade. The knife symbolizes bravery.

kehlani parrish tattoos, kehlani piercings, tarantula tattoo design

12. Kehlani Knuckles tattoos

Kehlani got her first tattoo inked on her knuckles expressing “HAVE HOPE” when her closest companion moved away. She was only sixteen at that point!

kehlani arm tattoos, kehlani hand tattoo, kehlani hand tattoos, love sign tattoo

13. Kehlani Change Of The Famous “WOKE” Tattoo

The 22-year matured vocalist resigned her “WOKE” tatt and got it retransformed into a lotus. The vocalist stated, “We envisioned the ‘woke’ not gulped, but rather painstakingly wrapped by another lotus disguising the consistent sign of insight and mindfulness.”

Kehlani’s Jessica Shears lotus flower tattoo cover up WOKE tattoo, kehlani woke tattoo

14. Kehlani The Sunflower Tattoo

Kehlani has not left any piece of her body without ink yet no uncertainty her sunflower tattoo sparkles like a genuine one. This tattoo is to her left side shoulder. In any case, she has not uncovered the importance of this tattoo.

kehlani body

15. Kehlani Huge Patches of Roses tattoo

Artist Kehlani has completely secured her correct hand with roses and petals inked in red and green hues. For sure she’s an imaginative individual and cherishes to explore different avenues regarding her looks.

kehlani back tattoo

16. Kehlani Two Creatures On Arm

The capable vocalist has engraved 2 tremendous animals to her left side arm one beneath the other. The “two animals” are Lauryn Hill (acclaime vocalist) and Frida Kahlo (Mexican craftsman and women’s activist symbol)

Kehlani’s Tattoos

17. Kehlani “LaDreamer” tattoo On Wrist

This beautiful young lady has engraved a word which has a place with the epithet of her fan “La Dreamer” on her correct wrist beneath her little finger. This tattoo holds an imperative place in her heart.

Kehlani’s Tattoos

18. Kehlani Stomach tattoo

America Get Talent notoriety young lady, Kehlani get her stomach ink just beneath the marine zone with some puzzling fine art. All things considered, she utilizes it to parade her abs too!

Kehlani’s Tattoos

19. Kehlani Wolf Face tattoo On Right Forearm

The most brave and decorated vocalist of her opportunity, Kehlani is no under wolfs as she is valiant, gallant and sufficiently certain to deal with any circumstance throughout everyday life. Also, along these wolfes she get her upper right lower arm ink with the substance of a wolf.

Kehlani’s Tattoos

20. Kehlani Tiny Symbols tattoos On Knuckles

The tattoo sweetheart has every one of her lower area of knuckles inked with little images. The artist has not unveiled the significance of these images.

masonic symbols tattoos

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