Katie Waissel Tattoos

Katie Waissel Tattoos

Who is Katie Waissel?

Katie Waissel is an English singer-songwriter who came into the public eye when she finished seventh in the seventh series of The X Factor. She is also known for being a housemate in Celebrity Big Brother 18, where she finished in eighth place. Katie Waissel isn’t only a capable and ravishing looking VIP but on the other hand is known for her unassuming start and her trip in actuality appears. Katie has a delightful taste in tattoos and has a considerable amount of inks on her body. With every one of the verbal confrontations on being excessively inked and being an awful good example, Katie still figures out how to stand separated! How about we look at Katie Waissel tattoos alongside their significances

Katie Waissel Tattoos

Katie Waissel Tattoos

1. Jewish star on the lower leg

Katie has a tattoo of a Jewish star, i.e., Star of David, on her correct lower leg. It is a six pointed star which is utilized as an image of the Jewish religion. Since the star herself is Jewish, this tattoo appears to make her religious convictions solid.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

2. Feather on her stomach

A wonderful little feather decorates the correct side of Katie’s stomach, it is very down on her stomach and looks exquisite.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

3. Bird/Sparrow, lettering on her wrist

There are words “Nothing is Impossible” inked on Katie’s wrist, which got an expansion later on, of a small little sparrow/feathered creature tattoo on the correct wrist. The tattoo is in dark ink and looks very cute.

Katie Waissel sparrow tattoo

4. Numberpeace sign on her wrist

Katie Waissel has a peace sign alongside number 24 inked within her left wrist. Despite the fact that the peace tattoo is clear as crystal, no one comprehends what the number stands for.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

5. Rose, wings on her lower back

The lower back of Katie has a lovely combine of wings alongside rose tattoo inked in the inside.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

6. Heart on her knuckle

A layout of the heart is inked on Katie’s knuckles. Despite the fact that numerous VIPs have paraded their heart tattoos, yet Katie can hardly wait to dispose of it. It was coordinating tattoos with her ex, display Brad Alphonso.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

7. Writing  on her side

Words “mama lives here” are inked on the left half of Katie’s chest. Katie got this sweet tattoo in the year 2013 and put it significant to her. She plainly appears to miss her mother.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

8. Bob Dylan Tattoo on Bicep

Katie’s inward arm has a tattoo which says-“All I can do is be me/whoever that is… “, a statement from Bob Dylan.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

9. Bird, Treble clef on her foot

In the sweetest tribute to her granddad, Katie has a tattoo which incorporates a fledgling and treble clef made of piano keys. Katie’s granddad passed on when she was 10 years of age.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

10. Pin-up girl on her upper arm

Katie has a retro styled pin-up girl tattoo to her left side arm. The tattoo is inked in different hued ink and is very striking. The stick up young lady is in standing position.

pinup girl tattoo ideas

11. Heart on the back of her hand

In another heart tattoo arrangement, Katie additionally got a little minimal red heart on the back of her left hand. It is tiny to the point that it would appear that a mole or spot.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

12. Bird, clouds and lavender flowers

Katie’s left arm is loaded with a progression of tattoos. It has a birdflying before clouds. There is likewise a heap of lavender flowers.

Katie Waissel Tattoos, cloud tattoo

13. Black anchor tattoo on her knuckle

Katie alongside her great companion, Sarah got coordinating tattoos of the anchor on their knuckles in the year 2014. This tattoo is committed to her companion who she calls her stay, her stone and “my one and only Sarah.”

Katie Waissel black anchor tattoo

14. “Have Faith… Let It be” composing on her lower arm

Katie doubtlessly appears to love cite tattoos and made one say “Have Faith… Let It Be… ” in favor of her hand and lower arm. This tattoo is in 2 distinct textual styles.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

15. Guitar, composing on her lower arm

Katie Waissel – Guitar tattoo on arm

A purple guitar alongside words “Daddy’s Girl” is inked on Katie’s correct lower arm. This tattoo is very enormous and is by all accounts in committed to Katie’s dad. Sweet!!

Katie Waissel Tattoos

16. “He Loves me” on her elbow

Words “He Loves me” are inked on left elbow of Katie. She got this tattoo in 2014, and we ponder this’ identity for… Someone uncommon!! We presume.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

17. Portrait, rose, wings on her side

In the year 2013, Katie got a tattoo of the representation of a lady alongside wings on a side implying gatekeeper holy messenger. The tattoo is complicatedly nitty gritty and is extremely shocking. This specific tattoo is for Katie’s mom who is her watchman heavenly attendant too. All things considered, this is genuinely the best devotion to her mom.

Katie Waissel Tattoos

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