Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Who is Jason Mamoa?

Jason Mamoa is an American actor, writer, director, producer and model. Jason’s last work as an actor is in Aquaman (2018). He is the one of most popular inked actor all ower the world. Let’s take a look to Jason Mamoa Tattoos.

Jason Mamoa Tattoos, Aquaman

Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Jason Mamoa Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo was done to pay tribute to his predecessors, and the triangles in the piece, outlined after his Hawaiian family’s peak, speak to sharks’ teeth, which are a gesture to his family watchman, the shark.

Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Jason Mamoa Chest Tattoo

The pleased dad asked his two youthful children — Lola, 9, and Wolf, 8 – to draw their marks, which he at that point got for all time inked in a dark red shading on his chest.

Jason Mamoa Lola and Wolf Tattoo

Jason Mamoa rigth foream tattoo

He have “Etre toujours ivre” written in content on hir right forearm, which means “be always drunk”.

Jason Mamoa Etre toujours ivre tattoo

Jason Mamoa neck tattoo

This tattoo was made while he trained to use a sward. it means ‘move like a lion”.

Jason Mamoa move like a lion Tattoo

Jason Mamoa diablo tattoo

Jason commented his tattoo: “It’s a new tattoo for my best friend who passed last year. Diablo.”

Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Jason Mamoa bride Of Gypsies tattoo

There is a lettering tattoo on his right foream. It says “bride Of Gypsies”

Jason Mamoa Tattoos

Jason Mamoa skull tattoo

Jason have a skull tattoo on his right wirst

Jason Mamoa skull Tattoo

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