Hair tattoo

Hair tattoo

Haircut with hair tattoo became fashionable not so long ago, but its popularity over time only gaining momentum. If you like experiments and are ready to boldly go towards changes – this hairstyle is for you! Today, with the help of conventional hairdressing tools barbershop masters are able in a short time to create on your head a real masterpiece. Images that are obtained on the basis of work, more like a tattoo than the usual haircut-hence the name of the trend.

What is Hair tattoo?

Hair tattoo is an art haircut with a short base and creative patterns that can cover the whole head or select a specific area. Most often, hairstyle-tattoos decorate men’s necks and temples, emphasizing the personality of the owner.

Apply hair tattoo is best on the hair length of 6 millimeters (if the hair is light and not too thick – 9 millimeters).

Hair tattoo

Ready pattern held on his head for a short time-a maximum of two weeks. But if you want to keep the drawing as long as possible, you should update it at least once every 7-10 days. After that, the pattern is noticeably “shaded”, and it can be difficult for the master to restore it exactly. Therefore, if you have not visited the salon for three weeks, it is better to wait until the picture is fully overgrown, and then make a new haircut.

The duration of the wizard depends on the complexity of the drawing. The simplest patterns experienced Barbera pose for a few minutes, and over the intricate pattern will have to work hard for a few hours.

Hair tattoo

Hair tattoo: effect on the image

Without any doubt, for the image is a big “plus”. This hairstyle-a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others. Passers-by on the streets often will accompany you mournfully, and friends – to do 2008 and ask, where you have made such a stylish Khair-a tattoo.

In combination with the staining effect will be even more powerful, but such radical changes are not solved everything. In addition, the natural hair color, as a rule, only adorns the man and does not require correction.

Hair tattoo

Benefits of hair tattoo:

Originality that can not hide: with this haircut you will not go unnoticed at any event
The ability to” reduce the tattoo ” at any time. If you are tiry of hair, and you want to return to a more casual way-just shave off the pattern or, conversely, to grow hair
Curly haircut helps hide imperfections of the skull or hair – bumps, scars, baldness.
Haircut does not require any care if the hair has not been painted. For hair tattoo, made in color, it is enough to buy shampoo and balm for colored hair, which will help to preserve the brightness of the shade and Shine longer.

History of hair tattoo

It is believed that hair tattoo haircut first came into fashion about eight years ago.

One of the most famous founders of the promising direction was the French hairdresser and stylist Thierry Gras. Demonstrating several original curly haircuts. He attracted the attention of the entire hairdressing community. Including the most conservative representatives of the profession. Another prominent representative of this direction is the American hairdresser Rob Ferrel. He creates portraits of famous people on the heads of his clients.

Hair tattoo

Choice of hair tattoo picture

Despite the fact that such a haircut does not live long, millions of young people around the world show their uniqueness with this bright accent in the hairstyle. Choosing a pattern for hair tattoo depends only on the imagination-your and your hairdresser.

Most popular pictures:

  • Logos and letters
  • Symbols (e.g., Japanese or Egyptian)
  • Lizards
  • Spirals
  • Patterns of lines

Often common options prefer really complex and unusual patterns. On the head create whole paintings that are akin to the work of artists-painters.

Celebrities with hair tattoo

Hair tattoo is worn by many famous football players, as well as movie and music stars.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer. He plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus and the Portugal national team.

Hair tattoo

Paul Pogba is is a French professional footballer. He plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the French national team.

Hair tattoo

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