Fish tattoos


Pisces as a symbol is a very ancient sign that mysteriously affects our lives. In Japan, fish swimming against the current and overcoming waterfalls-a traditional symbol of the embodiment of courage, strength and endurance.

Tattoo Pisces can be both male and female and carry a different meaning depending on the inner beginning of the owner, as the fish is a symbol of profound inner life hiding under the surface of things, as well as a sign of vitality and fertility.

Carp is a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements. Karp gives the owner a sense of purpose, vitality and endurance in the struggle. Two carp – a symbol of harmony of the Union of men and women, and nine carp bring prosperity and enrichment.

Trout is a sign of liveliness, vitality, vigor, mobility and at the same time a symbol of scrupulousness.

Salmon-symbolizes abundance, knowledge, inspiration.

Shark-an image of danger, fearlessness, a symbol of good luck in business. In Japanese mythology, the shark is a messenger of the deity helps those who read it. The owner of such a tattoo usually does not tolerate any restrictions on their freedom.

In a row with the fish appear and such inhabitants of the aquatic environment as whale and Dolphin, although they do not belong to fish:

Keith represents the power of cosmic waters, the renewal of both cosmic and personal, as well as the absorbing grave. The whale is both a symbol of death and resurrection.

Dolphin is the Savior and helper, the guide of souls in the underworld, the Saviour of men, the castaways, the king of fish.


Celebrities tattoo

Charlize Theron’s Tattoo on foot

On the highest point of her correct foot, she has inked a little blue blooming blossom. Such sprouting tattoo is excessively found in the Japanese style of inking. It symbolizes an exceptionally unexampled attribute of Japanese culture. They call it “Mono no mindful” – the feelings of things, or all the more exactly, a cottony towards things. The blooms are fanned from the trees with the minor breeze. This implies their appeal shrivels quickly. The Japanese folks view this as an analogy forever which resounds their own uprightness and good code

Charlize Theron’s Tattoos

Miley Cyrus’s fish Tattoo

Little fish

Being a creature darling, Miley got another arm tattoo of her pet fish on fifth February 2015. Obviously, the pet passed away.

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Rihanna’s fish Tattoo


This is the most recent tattoo of Rihanna and that is a disguise print shark to her left side lower leg.

Rihanna's Tattoos

Gabi Sullivan fishbones Tattoo

She have fishbones tattoo on her left hand

gabi sullivan tattoos

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