Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

Who is Evan Rachel Wood?

Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress, model, and musician. She began acting in the 1990s, appearing in several television series, including American Gothic (1995–96) and Once and Again (1999–2002). Wood made her debut as a leading film actress at the age of eleven in Digging to China (1998) and garnered acclaim for her Golden Globe-nominated role as the troubled teenager Tracy Freeland in the teen drama film Thirteen (2003). Wood continued acting mostly in independent films, including Pretty Persuasion (2005), Down in the Valley (2005), Running with Scissors (2006), and in the big studio production Across the Universe (2007). Since 2008, Wood has appeared in more mainstream films, including The Wrestler (2008), Whatever Works (2009) and The Ides of March(2011).

She also return to television, playing the supporting role of Queen Sophie-Anne on True Blood from 2009 to 2011 and playing Kate Winslet’s character’s daughter in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce (2011), for which she is nominate for the Golden Globe and Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress. As of 2016, she plays the sentientandroid Dolores Abernathy in the HBO series Westworld, for which she won a Critics’ Choice Award and earned a Golden Globe and Emmy Award nomination. Also she known as tattoolover, Let’s check out Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos!!!

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

1. Evan Rachel Wood “J” on Ankle

Wood’s left lower leg adorne with her ex’s name Jamie Bell. “We had coordinating tattoos since we knew our affection would keep going for ever. Inconvenience is, it didn’t, things happened, we split. Be that as it may, I don’t lament the tattoo. It helps me to remember an incredible, extraordinary period in my life,” she comments when inquired.

evan rachel wood jamie bell tattoo, jamie bell evan rachel wood tattoo

2. Evan Rachel Wood Diamond Swoosh on Ankle

Evan Rachel Wood’s lower leg is energize with a jewel and twirls on the internal side, covering a prior tattoo. It’s implant by 2 melodies that are “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” song by Pink Floyd and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles. Her direct tattoo had the comparable subject thought yet was bounteously enigmatic. It was an amalgamation of a strawberry and a winged creature with a small precious stone connected to it, speaking to The Beatles melodies’ “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Blackbird,” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”

She get it ink subsequent to acting in the melodic film Across the Universe in light of the music of The Beatles. Regardless, the tattoo’s unpredictability was excessively opposite its pocket-measure. She told the folk”Nobody can make sense of what it is. It should be a strawberry with leaves in the state of a winged animal, however everyone says, ‘Is that an uncover staying of an apple?'” With the seal of mystery, she outlined it down to only one subject and went for a clarion and obvious shape.

Evan Rachel Wood diamond tattoo designs

3. Evan Rachel Wood Number “15” Behind her Ear

Wood has still imbued recollections of her ex Marilyn Manson, as says her tattoo behind the ear. It is number 15 ink practically equivalent to with the person. We are worrie why they pick this specific number as it were.

evan rachel wood marilyn manson tattoo

4. Evan Rachel Wood Expression on the Back

Wood’s back is doll up with a dazzling expression, which peruses, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”. It is a passage from Edgar Allan Poe’s sonnet “A Dream Within a Dream”.

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

5. Evan Rachel Wood High on Thigh

On Wood’s correct thigh, she has inked a heart with a thundering sign inside. Such tattoos are expressive of the point that a man adores to investigate new things throughout everyday life. Likewise, he/she is a dapper one, prepared to live in an enthusiastic way.

Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos, celebrity leg tattoos

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