Alexis Ren Tattoos

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Who is Alexis Ren?

Alexis René Glabach is an American model and internet celebrity. She was Maxim’s cover girl for the August 2017 issue, Maxim’s Mexico cover girl for the March 2018 issue, is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie for 2018, has 12.2 million followers on Instagram. and 1.5 million followers in Twitter.  In case you’re on any kind of online networking, you’re probably going to have run over Alexis Ren. The prospective supermodel as of late went to JonBoy’s West 4 tattoo parlor in NYC and got some modest, flicker and-you’ll-miss-them tattoos. Let’s loor at Alexis Ren’s Tattoos.

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Alexis Ren Tattoos Meanings

JonBoy has recently been a superstar inking machine and he’s even gotten some sweet new tattoos of his own on account of the encounters. Must be pretty rad to hang out with and tattoo superstars throughout the day.

Alexis Ren Rose tattoo

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Alexis Ren Roman numerals tattoo

To start with up, she got her mom’s mark (Cynthia Berkich Glabach) on her wrist. Also, Alexis got the a date in roman numerals,  date of her mother’s birthday V.III.LXII (5.3.62) on the rigtht elbow and her mother death on her left elbow I.VIII.XIV (1.8.14).

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Alxis Ren Dark spades modest tattoo

Alexis Ren has a dark spades modest tattoo behind her left ear. ♠️

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

Alxis Ren Signature of her mom tattoo

Alexis Ren has the mark of her mom, Cynthia Gaylord Glabach, to her left side lower arm.

Alexis Ren's Tattoos

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